For many people, a marriage ceremony can be the happiest day of someone’s life. However, when a marriage falls apart and couples have “irreconcilable differences’, divorce becomes a reality. Roughly 95% of all divorces are uncontested due mostly to the benefits couples may gain. An uncontested divorce can be a helpful way to bring closure to a marriage and keep peace between all parties involved. Here are some of the conveniences when seeking an uncontested divorce.

The financial aspect of a divorce can become a burden on the involved parties. Usually the
process of uncontested divorce will last only a brief time which results in lower attorney and court costs. Both parties will benefit financially.

Many divorces result in endless filing of paperwork and repeated signing of this material. With so many pages, there is always room for error. With uncontested divorce, there is less
paperwork and less chance for error. This may also result in less time for your divorce to become final.

Couples can worry about their divorce becoming a part of public record. While only court
negotiations are a part of public record, it is not always necessary for all agreements to
become part of public record. “Only statements which you have filed with the court are
accessible to the public” (“The Advantages of an Uncontested Divorce”). This way personal
conditions and agreements can be kept privately between the couple. This also removes the chances of outside distractions becoming a part of this process.

Uncontested divorce can be a helpful tool for couples who can amicably come to terms that are mutually beneficial to both persons involved. It makes the two people resolve differences on their own and can start the healing process.

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