This story, while tragic, illustrates the value of a personal injury attorney in an injury involving negligence on the part of the employer. Always know your rights when it comes to any situation in which you are injured due to someone else’s actions.

The following are excerpts from’s report:

“On April 26th, 2012 four electricians were working on the engine room of the Sam Noble oil rig, dry docked at Keppel Amfels shipyard in the Port of Brownsville in Brownsville, TX.

Another crew working on the rig’s fire suppression system filled the engine room where the men were working with carbon dioxide.”

“…it only took a matter of seconds before the men passed out.

These men were deprived of oxygen for 15 minutes. They were found unconscious, foaming of the mouth, and convulsing…”

“Inspection reports show the CO2 alarm in the engine room hadn’t worked for two years.”

“Now two of the four men cannot work, one suffers from dementia, the other is disabled.”

“There is significant memory loss, sleep problems, and personality disorders…”

As of May 2014, Fire and Safety Specialists, Inc., Noble Drilling Services, Inc., and Keppel Amfels L.L.C. awarded the four men $1,375,000 according to attorneys.


Four men win over $1 million in work-related brain injury lawsuit

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